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Re: better install experience

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Dave Jones wrote:

> Doesn't ring any bells.  If the attribution of "safer" was something I
> said, I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking at the time.

No, you didn't say it. I sent you the email privately where I answered 
all the concerns people made in the 'ntfs kernel module' thread you also 


Since it was a longer email, I put it here:


Please note, that at that time there was no ntfs-3g web site, documents and 
the situation was indeed confusing for users, that's why I summarised 
things for the interested Fedora users.

But my email came back when I tried to send it to the list unsubscribed. 
I'm also always busy and get insane amount of emails and didn't have time 
to subscribe/wait/configure list filtering, etc, so I decided to send the 
email only to you, mentioning the potential kernel driver bugs (which I 
would have detail if there were interest).

Thank you for the replies.


NTFS-3G Lead Developer:  http://ntfs-3g.org

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