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Proposals: Remove pkg.acl and owners.list

I have two proposals:

1) cvs rm pkg.acl files from the cvs repo. The packagedb has taken the place of these files. Editing them doesn't do anything and it's causing some people confusion that they're still in the repository. This one seems pretty simple. Let me know soon if you can think of a reason not to do this.

2) Remove owners.list files and place a README telling people to go to the packagedb for the information. owners.list{.epel,.olpc} are a little harder as a plethora of scripts were using owners.list. The information is becoming out of date as more packages are added or change hands, however. All the scripts I know of have been converted at this point with the exception of some things on:
that were broken before the packagedb took over from owners.list.

If no one objects, I'll announce these changes on fedora-devel-announce on Monday and make the actual changes later in the week.


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