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Re: Proposals: Remove pkg.acl and owners.list

Till Maas wrote:
On Fr Oktober 12 2007, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

1) cvs rm pkg.acl files from the cvs repo.  The packagedb has taken the
place of these files.  Editing them doesn't do anything and it's causing
some people confusion that they're still in the repository.  This one
seems pretty simple.  Let me know soon if you can think of a reason not
to do this.

Imho everyone who uses a pkg.acl that contains a different information then packagedb should get an extra e-mail.

Actually, I can fix most of these.

1) pkgdb was started on August 7th. Every pkg.acl modified before this date is good because that's when the acls were synced.

2) Some pkg.acl files were added for new files by mistake because of a bug in the new pkg script. These pkg.acl files have never been touched since initial package creation and have never served a purpose.

3) A few were made extraneous when the desktop team opened the acls for the packages they were responsible for.

This leaves about ten packages to update or contact the maintainer if the logs don't show what was intended.


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