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Re: boot-time / readahead investigations

Le Ven 12 octobre 2007 14:13, Jon Nettleton a écrit :

> If you are using NetworkManager you already know that you won't have a
> network connection until nm-applet starts ( unless you use a wired
> connection and dhcp ).   What is the point of starting core services
> that are network dependent if you don't have a network connection?

1. A lot of core services can be both local and network (cups for
example). I have a local imap service (because decent maildir handling
has been in thunderbird's "later" pipes for years). It's used remotely
and localy. Other people have similar needs.

2. But anyway assuming those services can be tagged as "always on, the
problem is not having network-dependant services depend on network
availability but having network availability depend on an applet. You
can have home headless servers that do not use a wired connection too
(typically : print server/ HTPC box next to the controlled hardware,
and wifi-enabled AP/Home router next to the ADSL phone line plug)

Nicolas Mailhot

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