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Re: rpmbuild -bp and BR:

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On Fri, 12 Oct 2007 14:36:14 -0600
Lamont Peterson <lamont gurulabs com> wrote:
> Just wondering why running "rpmbuild -bp" fails if I don't have all the BR:'s
> installed.  I don't really need them in this case, as I'm not going to be
> running ./configure or the compile.
> I'm using rpmbuild -bp in order to get a source tree that's patched the way
> the package was built so I can explore some of the source to try and track
> down some things.  Later, if I'm ready to build it (you know, test a patch or
> whatever), then I'll install the BR:'s, but until then, I'd prefer not to,
> sometimes.

OK.  I wrote that before actually installing the packages and then went on and
discovered that "autoreconf" was being run at the end of %prep.  Shouldn't
something like that be in the beginning of %build instead?

For the curious, I'm working in the pam package.
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