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Re: xboard chess interface installation failed on fedora

On 13/10/2007, gopal das <mr gopal das gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I was going to install xboard on Fedora 6 for play chess. But there is a
> error while configure and the following was given:
> xboard requires the X Window System header files and libraries!
> They were not found on your system. See FAQ topic C.2.
> configure failed
>  here the FAQ C.2 saying: [C2] Configuring  or building XBoard fails due to
> missing header files, missing libraries, or undefined symbols.
> So, please give me a solve.

xboard is part of the Fedora Extras package collection for Fedora Core
6. Therefore, you don't need to compile the program yourself, but
rather do

yum install xboard

as root user, assuming you have the Fedora Extras repository activated.

Please note that this list is for questions about fedora development,
and not user problems such as the one you posted. Those sorts of
questions should be asked on fedora-list, not here.


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