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Re: nucleo version problem

2007/10/14, subhodip biswas <440volt tux gmail com>:
Hi !

I was thinking of packaging nucleo
First ..Is anybody working on this already??
Second... Nucleo comes in Nucleo-2007-XX-XX format. how to resolve this ??

Already done, see :
It may need some patches for x86_64, I've dropped them, but they seems still usefull  as Metisse in x86_64 isn't working:

Same for Metisse...

The problem is that nucleo have dependency that cannot be found on Fedora (if used)
Maybe can you see with rpmfusion.org in this case...

So, feel free to improve the package (new snapshoot or else)
and keep me up2date...

Nicolas (kwizart )

GPG key : FAEA34AB
Server : pgp.mit.edu

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