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Re: CDs DVDs or netboot. Oh my!

Benny Amorsen wrote:
"DM" == Douglas McClendon <dmc fedora filteredperception org> writes:

DM> I.e. on the simple end, would be turning the above process into an
DM> easy to use GUI. On the more complex end, you could do something
DM> like using grub2's loopback feature and modifications to the
DM> install DVD's initramfs, to support something more like what you
DM> were suggesting.

How about someone simply making a Fedora Everything spin for USB keys,
and share that with bittorrent? Anyone up for it?

As the other responder mentioned, I'm assuming you don't really mean Everything (much as I was one of the longest hold-outs of keeping and using Everything installs).

But what I do think makes sense, is to have a LiveDVD spin that matches doing a * install of what is on the traditional install DVD spin. And having a simple well advertised method for LiveCD-install users who have net access to upgrade to either that package set, or the 'defaults' package set from the traditional install DVD. I.e. a button that says - change my system package set from the defaults that were chosen due to 700MB livecd iso space constraint, to the package set from defaults that the smart fedora developers chose in a non 700MB space constrained situation.

Not a Live image, but a good old-fashioned installation image.

This is what I was discussing in part, and if I'm not mistaken, does require at least a bit of work to get working. Certainly using the grub loopback feature is probably overkill since replicating the kernel and initrd in a usbstick situation is not a big deal. But you do then still need to put smarts into the initramfs to deal with the fact that it may be looking for an iso on a vfat usbstick. Not difficult by any means, but definitely a bit of work.

In general I agree that what you are asking for is worth doing for F9, and for F8 perhaps via tools that are available online.


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