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Re: Freepascal compiler inclusion of pre-build binary

Joost van der Sluis wrote:
Op zondag 14-10-2007 om 13:45 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Dennis
Once upon a time Sunday 14 October 2007, Joost van der Sluis wrote:
Hi all,

When the fpc-package (Freepascal compiler) was approved, there were no
rules regarding pre-build binaries and compilers yet. But after some
discussion I got an approval to use them.

Now I want to add support for ppc64 but to do that, I need to use a
pre-build binary once more. The current packaging-guidelines state that
I need an approval from the packaging committee.

So what should I do now, ask for an approval or isn't that necessary?
I think that since you initially got approval to use the prebuilt binary to bootstrap fpc that it should be ok. What i would suggest though is putting the logic in the spec permanently to bootstrap other archs and have a defines control that. Once you have a build that has been bootstrapped. build a new version that is built against the fedora built fpc package.

I deliberately removed all the prebuilt-binary stuff from the spec-file
after the first release. But maybe you're right. I can add it with a
define. That could be usefull in the future.

This is what I've done to the (no binaries needed, but still a strange dance needed) bootstrap code for arm-gp2x-gcc & glibc. I think that this is best, as this for example will also allow the sparc people to boostrap it (well not in your case, but in mine).



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