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Re: Packing XPIs

Lubomir Kundrak wrote:

Any ideas how to pack a mozilla addon? Seamonkey does not include any
translations in the default package, so having translations packaged at
least separately would be useful.

XPI seems to be a ZIP file with a JS install script. I did use a
language addon packaged and installed using ugly unzip and sed script
with 1.0, but it seems to be impossible anymore. That was not very
clever anyways.

Anyone being aware of some magic seamonkey's comand line switch for
that, or anything else?

I too have searched for a method to do this. In addition to rebootless livecd installation, I consider the firefox swiftabs extension to be a key feature of my personal fedora derived livecd - http://gzyx.org -

FWIW, on that livecd is some bash (and maybe perl) script which installs the swiftabs extention from the commandline for a specific user (from the swiftabs xpi). It was a tad more complicated than just sed, but still doable. (see /usr/bin/kablui if you are really interested).

I'm really hoping someone else answers this thread with better method though. It certainly seems like it would be a handy feature to expose in some commandline tool that ships with firefox. But I haven't found it yet.


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