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Fedora caching suggestion


I've followed the discussion about readahead and it got disabled for
Fedora 8 (it wasn't benefiting at all (at least not for me)). Now i
wonder if it would be possible to pre cache the "all time using"
programs? With "all time using" i mean all the programs that are gonna
be started anyway and that are highly likely to be started. for gnome
it would be at least the following:

- Firefox
- gnome-panel
- all the desktop wallpapers (the 24 hours wallpaper animation)
- the gnome menu
- all the echo icons (small sizes)

And probably a few more that i missed. All those applications get
started sooner or later anyway so i think it's best to cache as much
as possible of them to make them as fast as possible which will also
provide a better user experience.

Would this be possible to do for F8?
Or is this suggestion to late for F8?


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