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Re: "ERROR: No build ID note found in" while building fpc (Freepascal compiler)

> h2pas is static-linked, could that be the problem? (all files in this packages are)

That is not a problem by itself.  It's some details of the linking ld
command that matter, ones that work the same for static or dynamic linking.

> Freepascal directly calls ld, so that could be the issue. But changing
> it in $(CC) -shared is simply not an option. ;) Besides, gcc should also
> call ld, so how does it do that, what is the difference?

When gcc runs ld it knows to pass the --build-id option when doing a final
link.  Any other compiler driver that runs ld should do the same thing.
It is probably straightforward to find where its source or configuration
chooses options to pass ld on Linux, and insert --build-id in there.
Then every program produced by this compiler will have an ID on F8, like
all other programs do.


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