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Re: "ERROR: No build ID note found in" while building fpc (Freepascal compiler)

> I've found this http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureBuildId
> and now I understand where this is all about.
> But in my case is't simple: fpc doesn't support the .note.gnu.build-id
> section for now. It's not an official section, so that's not that
> strange. 

It's not something a compiler supports.  It just has to invoke the linker.

> Support for it can be added, offcourse. But not in the current
> release i'm packaging.

It's a trivial change to the linker options the compiler runs.
It's mandatory for a compiler package in F8.

> Maybe I could add a parameter to fpc so that it uses the --build-id
> parameter when calling ld. I'll try that solution.
> But as a consequence all fpc-programs in Fedora should add that
> parameter to their build-scripts. I don't really like that solution...

Nonsense.  fpc should pass --build-id to ld by default just like gcc does.
Of course we didn't change every C program's build command for this either.

> Btw: the problem to identify binaries which you want to solve with this
> trick, doesn't exist with fpc-binaries. What you're trying to solve is a
> real gcc-problem only. So if this can be disabled in some way for
> fpc-programs, that would be great.

You misunderstand the feature.  If you produce ELF binaries, it applies to
you no different than anything else.  If you didn't produce ELF binaries,
you wouldn't have gotten the build error, so we know you do.  It applies.


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