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Re: What's up with octave-forge?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
octave-forge is showing up in the broken deps all the time, the last successful build is from F7 times, and it doesn't build against current octave:

There have been pretty significant changes to octave-forge and this has required basically completely rewriting the spec file. This has turned up a number of problems in both octave and octave-forge that have been fixed. This has been a more involved project than I have had time to do on my own, so I have enlisted the help of Orion Poplawski, who says he is close to having something ready. I'm hoping that we'll get it to build in the next few days.

The main change to octave-forge is that it is being split up into a whole bunch (about 40) of separate octave "packages", along the lines of all of the little packages for R, perl, python, etc. In order to get something that builds we're keeping it all in one package for the moment, but I would like to eventually split out the packages into separate Fedora packages, but I don't really have time to maintain that many. I have discussed this privately with some others who are interested, but if anyone out there uses octave-forge and would be interested in maintaining the portion of it that they use, please let me know.


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