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libgpod update for Fedora 7

Hi all,

I'd like to (finally) update libgpod to 0.5.2 for F-7.  I'll rebuild
the needed packages[1] and push them to -testing so no one else has to
do anymore work.  Please speak up if that isn't alright.  If not, I'd
like to do this late Wednesday evening (EDT) or Thursday.

(And no spot, this isn't the libgpod with the code to work with newer
iPod's.  It's just the same version that's been in devel for a while.
But let me know if you've heard anything from legal on the new code.)

[1] Packages that need a rebuild: amarok, gtkpod, kipi-plugins,
quodlibet, and rhythmbox.  If I've missed any, please let me know.

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