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Re: Summary - Broken dependencies in Fedora 7 + Test Updates - 2007-10-16

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
Gee that sounds suspiciously like you're offering to maintain this package.

No waitaminute :-) No, I said I'd try to build it and check whether it's working or not. I can already say that it doesn't work at all on rawhide. However I have no intention of ever fixing or updating it, or processing its bugzilla tickets. As was said in previous msg, upstream is long dead.

I don't think just one-off rebuilding it "solves" the problem either.

Agreed, but we need a short-term solution.

What we really really need in these sorts of situation is have
client-side notice that a package has been orphaned/expired via the
package management tools, letting all users of that package know via
their repository aware tools that the package is orphaned/removed and
will no longer be receiving updates unless a maintainer shows up. At
which point the users can choose to uninstall the package or perhaps
step up and offer to be the maintainer of it.  I think users of
orphaned packages deserve a chance to state an interest in maintaining
packages when they get orphaned/removed. If we are only announcing
orphaned status in channels that other current contributors are
watching we are sacrificing an opportunity to add contributors to
spread the workload around.

A good idea, but not a simple one to implement. How would you communicate the information to the package management tool ? The tool couldn't distinguish between an Obsolete caused by an orphan versus one caused by, say, a package rename. Maybe a RSS feed of some sort ?

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