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Question on wireless module

I have recently been testing the rt2x00 driver and specifically the rt73usb
component with a usb wireless adapter, using the test kernels currently
available for F7 in updates-testing.

However the wireless link is very unstable and throws streams of messages at the
terminal as well as in the alternative consoles. I reported this in bugzilla.

The question I have is whether the version of rt2x00 (and rt73usb) in rawhide is
nearer to being usable than the driver in the F7 kernels? Therefore another
question is whether it would be likely to work if I simply installed the rawhide
current kernel into F7 (and maybe the rawhide wpa_supplicant also?) and see if
that would give more stability?  

In addition is the new ath5k driver (that is presumably also in the rawhide
kernel?) actually usable at the moment? I have a Dlink G-650 card with the
Ahteros 5212 chipset that I could test if this is the case.

Does anyone have any info to enlighten me on this?


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