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Re: Small Fonts in Firefox and Thunderbird

Warren Togami wrote:
I upgraded to some package built during Tuesday (should be in Wednesday's rawhide) that suddenly changed the menu and dialog fonts in both Firefox and Thunderbird. In Thunderbird the fonts of the title bar, menus, mail listings, To, From all became smaller and difficult to read. The font size and appearance within reading e-mail and composer hasn't changed. In Firefox the menus and URL bar became similarly small, while web pages haven't changed in appearance.

I'm guessing some font rendering thing changed?
Was this intentional or a bug?

Yes, I've seen the same thing but wasn't sure how to address it, font handling is somewhat mysterious because I haven't invested the time to learn all the issues.

I've also noticed that font size even within a single application seems to vary inconsistently (e.g. some mail content in thunderbird is tiny, some is huge, same thing in firefox)

John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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