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Re: Question on wireless module

Dan Williams <dcbw <at> redhat.com> writes:

> I have an rt73usb device that's been working pretty consistently with
> rawhide kernels for the past 3 weeks (Belkin F5D7050 ver 1000).  I
> haven't had kernel oopses with it, and it seems to do fine with light
> traffic (and even yum upgrades).

OK it sounds like it would be worth testing the rawhide kernels for rt73usb even
within f7. The legacy rt73 does work nicely, and is stable for me in f7, but
does not support wpa_supplicant, though it will do WPA directly in the driver
with the right config I believe. Of course it needs compiling and installing for
each kernel. I guess rt2x00 will not be fully stable until F9 given that F8
release is only a few weeks away?

> ath5k driver has only just stopped panicing the kernel on boot, and is
> still unstable in some situations.  It will likely get better, but don't
> bet on ath5k being reliable at this point.

Thanks - sounds like further work needs to be done before trying this driver.

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