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Re: gnome keyring always needs to be unlocked

Jon Nettleton wrote:
On 10/16/07, Zack Cerza <zcerza redhat com> wrote:
Louis E Garcia II wrote:
when logging on I need to give gnome-keyring the password to unlock even
though I check it so it unlocks automatically. What gives?

 From what I understand, the feature isn't complete and depends on [0].
Matthias said in [1] that he removed the checkboxes until that work is

We decided yesterday it would definitely be better to turn that off
rather than feel the wrath of thousands of people checking that box
and it not doing anything.  If you don't use a smart card reader or a
biometric authentication device, you can edit /etc/pam.d/gdm and move
auth line for pam_gnome_keyring above the system auth include.
However I take no responsibility for what it could possibly break in
the future ;-).


That was definitely the right decision. However, here's to hoping the feature does get fully implemented, because that would obviously be awesome. :)


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