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Re: Request for Comments: Proposed changes to Fedora development cycle

Jesse Keating wrote:
The rel-eng team in conjunction with FESCo has developed a proposal for
changing the development cycle of Fedora.  The goals are to disrupt
development less frequently, make it easier for maintainers to get
fixes in, and make it easier for future work to happen without risking
disruption of a release in progress.

Please read through
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JesseKeating/DevelopmentChangesProposal and follow up on this thread with any questions comments.  I'd like to potentially hold a "town meeting" type of IRC meeting to discuss this proposal with interested parties and address questions/concerns.  However I will delay scheduling such a meeting until discussion has happened here.


Looking good. A big thumbs up for early branching, perhaps even earlier than the final devel freeze. Publicize the koji repos for those people wanting to test development branch while rawhide is composing the next release.

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