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Re: libgpod update for Fedora 7

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Also, please post the reasons why the update is so important that it
> warrants potential breakage not only within a released distro
> version in Fedora, but in 3rd party repositories as well.

Sure thing.  libgpod tends to not release as often as a lot of other
projects.  There were quite a large number of features added and bugs
fixed between the release of 0.4.2 (2007/01/15) and 0.5.2
(2005/06/23).  The short list of these changes are included in the
release notes:


For the full ChangeLog differences, see:


These changes improve the usefulness of the iPods they manage.  The
change to make the ArtworkDB sizes smaller, for example, helps speed
up the iPod's interface a bit (which can be a real problem on larger
iPods with a lot of cover art).  Ditto for the ability to set the sort
order, which allows "The Beatles" to show up under B instead of under

There are also numerous improvements in the python bindings, which
should allow more people to write cool apps for their iPods.  I've
been (slowly) working on a pygtk app to manage the photos on mine, for

Many of the changes in libgpod are needed by gtkpod, so I am unable to
update gtkpod without a libgpod update.  There have been a similar
number of improvements in gtkpod since the 0.99.8 release that's
included in F-7 currently.  See the short list of improvements and bug
fixes in gtkpod here:


I have tested all of the apps in the F-7 repo with the updated libgpod
and I haven't found any problems from the update.  Quodlibet needs a
small patch to deal with the change in libgpod time functions, which
is already in the rawhide/F-8 quodlibet package.

I'm not sure which 3rd party repos have packages that depend on
libgpod.  There are none in Livna.  If anyone knows of packages in
other 3rd party repositories, let me know.  I'll check them out and
see if they might need more than just a rebuild.  Then I can send a
patch to the maintainer if needed, or just a heads up that an update
is coming.

Generally, I would expect 3rd party repos to be happy to see an
update.  They're more likely to be frustrated with an older version
that doesn't support some brand new app they want to package, I think.

So, I think an update is a good thing for Fedora users.  Hopefully you
don't think I'm too biased (or foolish). :)

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