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Re: gnome keyring always needs to be unlocked

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 10/18/07, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
Encrypted home directories are a solution for a computer which can be stolen.
If you're worried about your central server getting stolen, you have bigger
security problems than keyring security. ;-) Permissions should be enough to
secure a computer if physical security is present.

Are suggestion that linux laptop users are somehow immune to falling
prey to problem which require  troubleshooting application
configurations stored in a user's home directory?

It's an interesting question as to what 'doesn't matter'. I.e. mail server passwords and other data and configuration stored in ~/.thunderbird. Or everything stored in ~/.firefox. Those seem to me to be things I'd like encrypted by default as a laptop user, in addition to what you described as some special xdg style directory.

IMHO, in your scenario, if someone else is troubleshooting my application configuration, I'd like as a user to be present both

a) to learn how to fix/prevent the problem myself
b) make sure that the troubleshooter isn't violating my privacy.

Now, if it's a corporate laptop, in a scenario where as a user I don't have a right to that much privacy/paranoia, the corporate sysadmin should already have the encryption keys (or backdoors).



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