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Re: Anything being done for the irqbalence daemon?

On 10/19/07, Louis E Garcia II <louisg00 bellsouth net> wrote:
> the irqbalence deamon keeps dying right after starting. Is there a
> bugzilla for this? Should be a blocker in my opinion.
> -Louis

I filed this a bit ago here: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=321491

Per comment 3, this has been closed as NOTABUG:

Oh, I see the issue.  This is actually working as designed.  You're system has
two cores, but they share a cache.  As such, its beneficial to distribute the
irq workload accrosss the cores, but its not beneficial to migrate the irqs
periodically since they the likelyhood of cacheline misses is independent of
which core services the irq.  As such irqbalance enters a one_shot_mode where it
balances the irqs once, then exits.

I added a comment about figuring out how to sort circuit the FAILED
message on shutdown.

Does that describe your system?

Tom London

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