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KDE-SIG weekly report (42/2007)

This is a report of the weekly KDE-SIG-Meeting with a summary of the topics 
that were discussed.
If you want to add a comment please reply to this email or add it to the 
related meeting page.


= Weekly KDE Summary =

Week: 42/2007

Meeting page: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE/Meetings/2007-10-16

Meeting log: 

= Participants =


= Agenda = 

* KDE 3.5.8 
* KDE 4 status/update 
* /usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces ownership (#334681) [1]
* Web Release Notes (did we missed something important?) 
* How to get more people involved in KDE-Sig? (Rediscuss meeting from 
2007-09-25)  [2]
* Should we send weekly reports to fedora-devel-ml and/or Fedora Weekly News?

= Summary = 

o KDE 3.5.8: 
- All packages are built for rawhide (kde-i18n is building right now) 
- KDE 3.5.8 will get into F8 
- Updates for F-7 and FC-6 should be ready in the next week 
- Some file lists overlaps introduced by splitting the packages into libs and 
extras sub-packages will be adressed by RexDieter after the meeting 

o KDE 4 status/update: 
- KevinKofler is committing soprano-1.95.0 for F-9 only 
- F8 is branched for KDE4-related stuff 
- KDE 3.94 (KDE4Beta3) will go into devel/F-9 
- /usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces ownership: 
- KDE4 seems to be the only application that uses this directory 
- the easiest solution for the moment is to have soprano 
own /usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces 

o Release notes: 
- The following things should be mentioned: 
  - KDE 3.5.8 (instead of KDE 3.5.7) 
  - kdepim-enterprise as a replacement of normal (but broken) kdepim 
  - knetworkmanager is replaced by nm-applet as a workaround because it not 
building against newest NetworkManager 

o How to get more people involved in KDE-Sig? 
- The actual list of 16 "participants" is not really matching the few 
active "developers" 
- The solution for this may be: 
  - Write to the listed participants and ask for more active involvement 
  - ask for help on fedora-devel-ml and announce that we are going to cull 
down the list 
  - cull down the list to the known-as-active contributors after one or two 
week. Leave the willing to help participants from the old list. 
- Some more things should be mentioned in the wiki before writing the 
announcement (i.e. bug hunters) 

o Should we send weekly reports to fedora-devel-ml and/or Fedora Weekly News? 
- SebastianVahl will sent weekly reports after the meetings to the 

o Open discussion: 
- The NetworkManager hack is only included on the live images, not the DVD 
- knetworkmanager is still not building against NetworkManager 
- knetworkmanager should maybe requested for removal from F8 until it works 
- krusader was removed from the livecd again to free some space for nm-applet 
- It maybe could be re-added if the accident that perl is depending on 
db4-devel is fixed

= Links =

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=334681
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE/Meetings/2007-09-25

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