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Re: source file audit - 2007-10-17

On 10/19/07, Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com> wrote:
> - BADURL:base-file-name:$PACKAGENAME
> This means that the URI provided in the Source(s) line didn't result in
> a download of the source. This could be any of: URL changed, version
> changed and URL wasn't updated, Site is down, Site is gone, etc.
> Also there are a number of packages with incorrect sourceforge links.
> (BTW, there are still some packages with ftp://people.redhat.com/
> URLs).


Explain to how you are checking for the url to download.

wgetting the URL in the spec generated by spectool locally on my
system works just fine.

both using the URL generated by spectool run  against the specfile in
the cvs co out of gpodder/devel and a run of spectool run against the
specfile contained in the srpm I download with yumdownloader
--enablerepo=development --source gpodder

Istanbul source url was broken, and i've updated the spec in cvs.  I'm
happy to see this script run...but is there a way to perhaps lower the
chance of a false positive before we start having these sort of checks
spawn automatic bug tickets. If the download sources script can't
reach a host for some reason that I can't reproduce locally, I don't
want to have the same bug filed automatically over and over again.


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