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Re: Multiarch conflicts on devel packages with %doc files

Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Enrico Scholz wrote:
>> Eric Sandeen <sandeen redhat com> writes:
>>> You could probably just add a patch to modify the shipped
>>> docs/api_footer.html file to remove the timestamp?
>> will not work e.g. for PDF or PS doc. Ditto for HTML doxygen doc where
>> anchors are named with unique random identifiers.
> Yeesh.  For things that contain simple generation timestamps, we could
> probably make some filters to take those out.  e2fsprogs has something
> like that:
> [root localhost e2fsprogs-1.40.2]# cat ./po/remove-potcdate.sin
> # Sed script that remove the POT-Creation-Date line in the header entry
> # from a POT file.
> ....
> but for anything which contains uuids generated at build time... good
> luck I guess! :)

And I'm afraid this does apply to you, Christopher, I should have looked
more closely.  If for example you diff classcal3d_1_1RefCounted.html
between x86_64 and x86, you'll see this.


-<a class="anchor" name="fe153da64cbdd43c0ab660327001a25e"></a>
+<a class="anchor" name="23e13384bbde2cbd2f302e6ad70eae2b"></a>


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