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Re: functionality similar to apt-get autoclean?

Rohan Sheth wrote:
> Debian has this nifty feature of apt-get which is the option to
> 'autoclean'
> It has two purposes, first it removes files from the local
> repository which can no longer be downloaded and are useless.
> Second it removes packages that used to depend on a package which no
> longer exists.
> Example:
> I install claws-mail which depends on (among other things)
> libetpan11.
> Then I decide I don't like claws-mail and remove the package
> claws-mail.
> The next time I run autoclean (presuming that no other installed
> package depends on libetpan11) it will remove the package libetpan11
> since it it no longer required by the system.
> Is there any similar functionality with yum/rpm?

The package-cleanup script from yum-utils can do part of this.  Using
the --leaves option gets you a list of packages that are not required
by any other packages.  The --orphans option lists packages that are
not available from any configured repos.  You would have to feed these
lists to yum remove to uninstall packages you wanted to remove, but
that may work for you.

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