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Re: CDs DVDs or netboot. Oh my!

Chuck Anderson wrote:
Why can't a system that is installed from the Live CD be upgraded?
What would it take to make such an installation upgradeable?

Wait - you can upgrade after you boot into the installed livecd image.
You just can't upgrade it FROM the boot live image.

Isn't that like telling people to use the method of upgrading we tell everyone is not recommended and most definitely not supported in any way?

I think people are confused about a LiveCD installation. Once you tell the LiveCD to install to the hard disk, it becomes a regular installation on the hard disk. You can then upgrade that at a future date just like any other install, using anaconda to upgrade the system via new media, HTTP, FTP, NFS, etc. Of course, you can also try to "yum upgrade" it, which isn't recommended.

Right what I was saying was you install from LiveCD, then boot into the installed OS and 6 months later you want to upgrade. You're two options are to use yum upgrade or use any of the regular install/upgrade methods like NFS/FTP/HTTP/DVD; the point being, you cannot upgrade using a CD so you either need a fast link, the infrastructure to host NFS/FTP/HTTP, the knowledge and spirit of mind to partition your hard drive such that it can hold a DVD image you can upgrade from, or you must be willing to take the risk and yum upgrade.

I'm not misunderstanding the concept of a LiveCD in any way, I'm just disagreeing about how important having CD media released by the Fedora Project is exactly.

So, not releasing CD sets is like saying you need to yum upgrade although it is not recommended just because someone out there isn't using the LiveCD installer because they tried Fedora and felt comfortable. Someone is actually needing CD sets, and based on the numbers that has been at least 760 people in the last 4 weeks.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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