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Re: CDs DVDs or netboot. Oh my!

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:

I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding you but I don't think you can call what we had with FC6 and lost with F7 "a work around" for a problem that we've introduced with F8 -no upgrades using CDs.

You are trying to workaround the lack of supported live upgrade by providing regular CD images.

I'm providing CDs to fulfill what (obviously) many people need, you can hardly consider that a workaround rather then providing what was in FC6 and lost in F7.

Sure the lack of supported for live upgrades is a problem that possibly could be delt with for F9, but that isn't the point here. When F9 is released some people will not have been able to upgrade for over a year. As the original post in this thread shows, this may have caused a dip in the F7 number of installs. Again, I'm providing those CD sets to enable people to deal with the Fedora Project not releasing any, and frankly, because I can. Not because I want to workaround the non-upgradeable but installable LiveCD, no matter how many times you repeat yourself and try and convince me it is a workaround from your point of view.

We had installable live CD's which replace the regular cd's for Fedora 7.

Obviously what we're arguing about here is that someone decided the installable LiveCDs were a perfect *replacement* and as many may have argued then, now it shows to be an incomplete replacement as not everything we could do with the CD sets we can do with LiveCDs.

 The only problem with the replacement that I can see is that lack of
a supported live upgrade. The fix IMO is to make it a supported option.

So if we release live images for Fedora 8 and make live upgrades supported when we release Fedora 9, what problems are left to solve?

Upgrades from F7 to F8 using LiveCD's. Not being able to upgrade to F8 using *just* CDs.

People may be running FC6 still because they haven't been able to upgrade to F7 -I guess some if not most of them moved on to another distribution.

So again if the Fedora Project doesn't actually release any CD sets for installation or upgrade, another set of off-site torrents will spawn and they'll be listed in CustomSpins (as non-official and non-approved), and they'll be listed in the FAQ (with all the not-released-by-FP notices). This will go on until there is a feasible successor. What the Fedora Project could do (as mentioned in my original reply to Mike) is link those torrents and/or provide a seed.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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