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Re: CDs DVDs or netboot. Oh my!

Jesse Keating wrote:
  We at a project level didn't see a whole lot of yelling
and screaming about missing CD images so we did it again with F8, but
late in F8 the noise swell has reached something of a critical mass,
add to that we're only doing one choose your own adventure set so a
matching CD set just for that isn't too unreasonable.

I am not sure what channels you were watching to get user feedback but both in users lists, forums and elsewhere there was a lot of users asking for CD variants. This I understood as a combination of several things

1) The download page and other documentation didn't make it entirely obvious that live images are installable.

2) The x86_64 image is not regular CD size

3) Lack of a supported live upgrade path.

We are in the process of solving 1) but the rest of the problems still remain and IMO 2) should be solved by reducing the package set or dropping multi-lib and default and 3) can be solved by a commitment to supporting live upgrades better for the next release.

it's way too late for F8 to re-introduce another install method and
jump the size of the tree by a good chunk.

We could do a torrent only release still. Some mirrors might be willing to carry it if we ask.


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