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Re: License review for new itext version

Laurent Rineau wrote:
On Sunday 12 August 2007 23:01:34 Jochen Schmitt wrote:

in the past we have removed itext and pdftk which depends on itext from
the Fedora distribution due
license issue.

In the new iText package itext-2.0.4 I have found a text file about the
licensing situation of the
source file coming from Sun Corporation Inc.

I have uploaded this file for review on


I want to know, it this ok for Fedora. But I assume, that the last term
about usage this
file for nuclear weapons may be a blocker.

Jochen, do you have an update of the situation? Will upstream agree to modify the license scheme a bit?

I use pdftk randomly in my job, several times a year, but I really need it. It is not so nice to see one usefull package go away from Fedora.

You can try contacting Sun yourself, in the end getting license changes like this can take a long breath, multiple contact attempts before finding someone who is willing to discuss things, etc. So if you care, please contact Sun. And as always, please do so in a polite and friendly manner.



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