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Re: Multiarch crazyiness

Jon Masters wrote:
 It obviously was a kludge. And a great one - Jeremy, Bill, and other
*smart* people (so don't get me wrong guys!) had to come up with a
solution at some point when this came up, but it's long since time to
take a big breath and think about a longer term fix.

Can we agree that needs to happen? If so, I'll happily actually get
involved in implementing a fix, as I've said to these folks in face to
face conversations about multilib before!

Why don't we just install 64 bit packages (on x86-64)[1]? I've been running Fedora 7 & 8 systems like this for ages without any problems. I can't see why it isn't the default, with kludges only for the people who want 32 bit packages on their shiny 64 bit processor.


[1] Or just 32 bit packages on ppc64.

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