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Re: Some thoughts about firmware inclusion.

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Lun 22 octobre 2007 10:18, Peter Lemenkov a écrit :
2007/10/22, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net>:

Since we can include firmware for different devices into Fedora,
we include win32-binaries for use together with Wine, DOS
for dosbox, jars for use with Java stacks , etc (if will be
that they works).
These are executed on the main CPU so the answer is no
There is no such prohibition.

There is such a prohibition. The firmware-specific binary blobs
licensing relaxing does not apply to the OP examples.

Every single example he made falls under general Fedora rules: must be
built from source and use FLOSS license.

I fully agree, this discussion does raise one interesting question though: What if there is fully floss software, which we can build from source. Which is written for another OS, but will run fine under an emulator and is hard to port. Do we allow shipping this?

(assuming someone first packages the needed cross toolchain to build this, which is something we may want to have independent of the answer to this question).




And no I do not have anything particular in mind, for now this is just a hypothetical question.

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