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Re: any plans to make wireless more user-friendly in Fedora 9?

Valent Turkovic wrote:
On 10/21/07, Chuck Anderson <cra wpi edu> wrote:
On Sun, Oct 21, 2007 at 04:22:16PM +0200, Valent Turkovic wrote:
So my question is how can I (and other that can't code if they life
depended on it) help you make wireless more user-friendly for novice
Have you seen NetworkManager?  In Fedora 7, it usually just works for
connecting to most kinds of wireless networks.  Unfortunately in
Fedora 8, the new NM 0.7 is missing support for some kinds of wireless
networks, and as such is a regression from Fedora 7 [1].


I'm using Fedora 8 test 3 with latest updates and I don't see Network
Manager running after default setup - maybe that is the only issue?

Note that the Live images do have Network Manager enabled by default which is the recommend thing to get if you are a desktop user.


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