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Re: Live Upgrade Special Interest Group

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Here you go. Join the group and help make live upgrades work smoothly.



I'm already have done FC3-->FC5 by "yum upgrade" only. Yep, some magic was needed. :)

And I even have plans to do FC5-->F7 these days immediately.

One thing is:
Often test upgrading to the current development branch of one of the test releases from the previous general release

but our policy is to skip one release (i.e. FC1-->FC3-->FC5-->F7) ...

We use Fedora in a production environment, and half-year cycle is too fast for us. (CentOS and friends are "too slow" OTOH).

Does such an expirience will be interesting for you?

BTW, the using of "yum upgrade" allows us to minimize an "outage" period for critical servers. Instead of up to 60min of update time by Anaconda, we do "yum upgrade" on the live system, and have about 5min for reboot (to catch new kernel and glibc).

Certainly, some packages from the new release should be ported to the previous first -- for cases when "service foo restart" is not enough, and we have to edit (new) config files manually (aka apache1-->apache2 etc.)

Dmitry Butskoy

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