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Re: Live Upgrade Special Interest Group

Les Mikesell wrote:
Dmitry Butskoy wrote:

Often test upgrading to the current development branch of one of the test releases from the previous general release

but our policy is to skip one release (i.e. FC1-->FC3-->FC5-->F7) ...

We use Fedora in a production environment, and half-year cycle is too fast for us. (CentOS and friends are "too slow" OTOH).

CentOS isn't going to be _that_ much different since it would approximate FC1->FC3->FC6 so far - especially if you wait for some updates to stabilize the fedora release before you upgrade. I'd think you would be better off using Centos as the base in production but building a few apps that matter to you from fedora src rpms or finding a repository that does that.

Actually, Fedora is capable for production environment!
For example, see the post https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2006-October/msg00928.html

Certainly, we have tried the way "RHEL/CentOS in the base plus some apps of more new versions". But then we have to re-compile all such "new apps" by hand, we have to browse for (security) updates of such apps etc. OTOH, comparing "the base" of RHEL and "the base" of Fedora (stable, not rawhide) -- in the situation where we are skilled enough -- we had chosen Fedora. And even with the base of Fedora, from time to time we are compelled to use the newest versions of some apps.

It is always sadly for me to hear the recommendations to not use Fedora in production. At least it is not true! Secondary, it is very harmfully for Fedora Project, and even for RHEL.

RHEL is based on Fedora, and expects that software in Fedora is tested enough (by community). But if Fedora is actually never used in the real critical production environments, then you cannot say "it is tested enough". I hope you do not believe that RedHat or anyone else can test all the real situations just in laboratories...

If you can, you should use Fedora. Certainly there are situations where you can not, but if you do not use Fedora just because you are afraid, or you wish to spend more time for games rather than for filling bugzilla reports... No comments.


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