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Re: Multiarch crazyiness

On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 14:37 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Jon Masters (jcm redhat com) said: 
> > I know you don't like the bin32/bin64 idea, but I think it's the only
> > real way to "solve" having both binary flavors of a package installed at
> > the same time, if that needs to be solved.
> I'm of the opinion that that doesn't need to be solved.

I'm not entirely convinced people don't want it solved - but
whatever ;-) I still think a bin32/bin64 would be the only way to
actually address that, if it were to be addressed. I'll shutup.

> > The lesser issue - more
> > easily solved - is that of libraries, where I think a general consensus
> > to split them out into -libs packages over time would do the trick.
> Yep. The problem is that, as it stands now, this requires changes to yum
> and the metadata to handle upgrades right.

Right. I guess I was just frustrated before when I jumped into this
thread, because this does seem to be the solution, so I would like to
see it happen - my only reason for pushing for meetings/whatever is that
we need some kind of mandate/policy to implement such a change. Right?


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