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Re: fontsize in 7.92

Le mardi 23 octobre 2007 à 00:01 -0400, Christoph Hoeger a écrit :

> is that sense-full? I mean, I've bought a Thinkpad R60 with a 1440x900
> Display to see more information on my screen simultaneously 

If you want small fonts just lower the size in points of your fonts in
your app preferences. Gnome font preferences use pt as unit. Till now
the GNOME pt unit had no relation with the pt unit the rest of the world
uses. Now it's the same, so if you want small fonts you need to actually
configure small fonts and not change the unit meaning on your system
(and likewise if you want big fonts).

That also means BTW that when you change laptop again your text will
stay the same size regardless of the screen resolution, so you can
invest the time to find good settings you'll keep them a long time.

Nicolas Mailhot

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