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Re: boot a live image from an ipod?

On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 15:42 -0700, John Poelstra wrote:
> Working from this page http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraLiveCD/USBHowTo 
> I don't have a USB stick yet to try this so I'm wondering if anyone
> has successfully used their ipod as a USB boot device?  I am reluctant
> to change the partition flag on the ipod to be bootable because I
> don't have time right now to setting up my ipod again if it gets
> hosed.
> Also curious if it is possible to have multiple live images on a flash
> device and boot different ones?  If so , how would that be done?

You'd need to wipe the hard-drive to match whatever your machine expects
in terms of layout. Most of time, it might just mean an MBR change
(might break the iPod).

Consider buying an el-cheapo 64 meg USB key (I'll send you one if you're
desperate, probably more in stamps than the price of the key), and put
the boot.iso on there. The iPod can contain the whole DVD image on its

I used to do my upgrades like that (replacing the USB key with a CD-RW).

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