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Koji Garbage Collection

We are about to roll out garbage collection for Koji. Please review the 
document linked below.


As part of garbage collection, builds that are no longer needed will be 
deleted. The owner of the build will receive an email notification of 
the impending deletion and there is a grace period. To reduce the amount 
of email, multiple notifications to the same user will be combined into 
one message.

If you receive such a notification, deleting the builds is most likely 
the right thing. If you feel differently, please see the document linked 
above for instructions.

The initial collection of builds that can be deleted will happen tonight.

Because there is an urgent need to free space on the Koji server, we 
will be shortening the grace period during the initial rollout. This 
means that you will need to act fast if you need to save a build that 
you receive a notification about. The first round of deletions will kick 
in late Friday evening.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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