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Re: "multiarch conflicts in ..." bugs

Tim Waugh wrote:
On Tue, 2007-10-23 at 10:12 +0100, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
but I've still no idea what I need to do to fix the bug. Can someone explain it in simpler terms?

I've added two points to that wiki page:

1. when files are gzipped at build time, use -n
2. if you aren't sure what the problem is for architecture-independent
files, extract the files from the packages and compare them.

Sorry, I don't know exactly what the problem is in this case, but a file
comparison ought to shed some light on it.

I get:

$ diff -aqr i386 x86_64
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4 and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4 differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4boot and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4boot differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4o and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4o differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4of and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4of differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4of.opt and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4of.opt differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4oof and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4oof differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4oof.opt and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4oof.opt differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4o.opt and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4o.opt differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4orf and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4orf differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4orf.opt and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4orf.opt differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4r and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4r differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4rf and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4rf differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4rf.opt and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4rf.opt differ
Files i386/usr/bin/camlp4r.opt and x86_64/usr/bin/camlp4r.opt differ
Files i386/usr/bin/mkcamlp4 and x86_64/usr/bin/mkcamlp4 differ
Only in i386/usr: lib
Only in x86_64/usr: lib64

This is all to be expected since they are binary files compiled for different architectures.

Still not sure what I'm supposed to do.


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