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Re: Some thoughts about firmware inclusion.

Le Mar 23 octobre 2007 12:56, Peter Lemenkov a écrit :
> 2007/10/23, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net>:
>> That probably means you need to package "firmware" building tools in
>> fedora and use them to build the "firmware" source in the "firmware"
>> package. And we may have been lax on the subject in the past for
>> games
>> but as the OP message shows it's a quick path to shipping pre-built
>> closed java or.Net binaries and effectively having a non-free
>> system.
> Firmware and ROMs for virtual machines is the same thing as graphics
> and music for games.

No it's not. One is code the other content.

> We don't package them from sources but we package
> existing *prebuilt* graphics/music/maps /etc.

This is IMHO a misinterpretation of Fedora guidelines, and leads to
shipping (for example) a pre-built Eclipse or any proprietary
Java/.Net app because they're "bytecode" executed in "virtual

It's clearly more convenient for you not to have to untangle ROM build
systems but it's not what Fedora is supposed to be.


Nicolas Mailhot

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