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Re: Some thoughts about firmware inclusion.

2007/10/23, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net>:

> > Firmware and ROMs for virtual machines is the same thing as graphics
> > and music for games.

> No it's not. One is code the other content.

Frankly speaking content is the code for virtual machine too. Imagine
a jpeg-vewer as virtual machine, which need ROMs (jpeg-images) for

We need to distinguish between *real* code which natively executes on
CPU and any other binary content which not executes natively. Win32
executables, ROMs, JARs are IMHO definitely falls into this category
(content). As pictures, music and text-files they do not runs on CPU

> > We don't package them from sources but we package
> > existing *prebuilt* graphics/music/maps /etc.

> This is IMHO a misinterpretation of Fedora guidelines,

I don't see any misinterpretations here. Binary code is binary code
(which may runs in CPU), otherwise its a content like pictures or game

> and leads to
> shipping (for example) a pre-built Eclipse or any proprietary
> Java/.Net app because they're "bytecode" executed in "virtual
> machines"

I don't see any problems here.
With best regards!

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