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Re: F8+KDE+PulseAudio

Am Di 23.Oktober 2007 schrieb Rahul Sundaram:
> Sebastian Vahl wrote:
> > Am Do 18.Oktober 2007 schrieb Bastien Nocera:
> >> Frankly, we should kill the pref, and always start Pulseaudio. In the
> >> meanwhile, it would be better if KDE came up with something that just
> >> starts it for KDE.
> >
> > Just a notice to that: If pulseaudio is only started in a full session of
> > KDE (eg. through /etc/kde/env/pulseaudio.sh) KDE programs that will be
> > started outside KDE when pulseaudio isn't running (eg. noatun in a *box)
> > won't have sound.
> > For the short term this works but IMHO should be mentioned in the release
> > notes then.
> Add it to the wiki. It won't be in the ISO but can be pushed in as an
> update.

I will do so when we have decided how to use pulseaudio. This is also a topic 
in today's kde-sig-meeting.


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