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Re: Multiarch crazyiness

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Jesse Keating (jkeating redhat com) said:
Applications get dragged in because the libraries aren't split out into
-libs subpackages.  If they were, then the -devel and -libs packages
would be available multilib, but the application itself wouldn't.

One *big* issue with doing this change across the board is that you'll go
from the repository having:

- foo.i386 and foo.x86_64


- foo.x86_64 and foo-libs.i386 and foo-libs.x86_64

So, on upgrade, yum will grab foo.x86_64 to upgrade the older install. It
will then pull in foo-libs.x86_64 for dependencies. Meanwhile, the old
foo.i386 will remain, often leading to conflicts.

Yes, it is known that yum and multilib does't work well. We are currently working on getting this and number of related issues fixed. I am quite sure we can come up with an solution for F9.

If 64bit binaries and 32+64bit libs is the wanted solution (didn't say that) the current yum behavior shouldn't be seen as blocker.


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