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Re: Multiarch crazyiness

David Woodhouse wrote:
On Tue, 2007-10-23 at 10:04 +0100, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
That's wrong for OCaml programs, since strings in 32 bit OCaml programs are limited to 16 MB (but effectively unlimited on 64 bit platforms).

That doesn't actually affect anything we ship or might _want_ to ship,
though, does it?

Probably not.

It mainly affects people who want to do large-scale number crunching (32 bit arrays have a similar limit which also goes away on 64 bit). For me it was loading large XML documents into memory.


Most of the work is done -- it builds, the native compiler works, and
the test cases I tried it with all work.... except for freetennis, which
segfaults after bringing up the first window. I kind of got stuck there
because it was all static libraries and the debug information was
missing; I need to build it all manually to poke at it.

I'll raise this issue with upstream again.


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