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Re: any plans to make wireless more user-friendly in Fedora 9?

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007, Dan Williams wrote:

> Right; NM 0.7 and later is definitely _not_ targetted at a "very narrow
> niche".  It's targeted at hopefully >= 75% of the use-cases of Fedora.
> Perhaps this weekend (unless I'm still fixing bugs with NM in general)
> I'll integrate the work Soren did for a system config service which will
> allow connections to be brought up before you log in.  That's the only
> real blocker to using NM in a GUI-less server-type environment if you
> like.  Other than that, most of the bits for static IP support are in
> (applet bits to follow), the options to lock things like 802.3 duplex,
> speed, and other stuff are in-progress by Tambet, and most of the
> wireless options work.  
> By the holidays, I expect we can flip NM on by default in Rawhide, even
> if it's not default in F8.

A general comment re. NM.  It did seem odd the way such a large change
was made so late in the F8 development cycle, with no real discussion I
could see (please do point me to such a discussion if there was one).

For quite a long time it was unusable for lots of people and still seems
a little flaky.

Was it a case of the rewrite taking longer than planned?

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