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Re: any plans to make wireless more user-friendly in Fedora 9?

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 23:32:22 +0100
Adam Huffman <bloch verdurin com> wrote:

> A general comment re. NM.  It did seem odd the way such a large change
> was made so late in the F8 development cycle, with no real discussion
> I could see (please do point me to such a discussion if there was
> one).
> For quite a long time it was unusable for lots of people and still
> seems a little flaky.
> Was it a case of the rewrite taking longer than planned?

This was discussed and tracked many times in FESCo meetings.  It was
deemed important enough to work through the delays and have the rewrite
for F8, leading to a on by default in F9.  Not the least of which if we
didn't use it, and say Ubuntu did before us, there is more thunder
stolen (:

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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