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Heads-up: lm_sensors will go to 3.0.0 for F-9, all users will need patching for new API

Hi all,

In upstream lm_sensors I've been contributing to a major new release lm_sensors-3.0.0 . The major new item here is that the new libsensors4, which is part of this release, no longer contains a database with all the properties of the supported chips, instead it uses the new 2.6 sysfs interface to dynmically query an hwmon driver how many inputs there are and which types these inputs have (it drops 2.4 support removing lots of cruft).

This means that if a new kernel gets installed which supports new hwmon chips, these new chips will be recognized immediately instead of that one first needs to install a new lm_sensors release (if available at all) to get things to work.

The new libsensors also features a new cleaned up API (one can now ask libsensors what the type (volt / temp / fan) of an input is, amongst other cleanups).

Well enough propaganda, since lm_sensors-3.x.x is a major leap forward we (mostly me and Phil Knirsch the lm_sensors maintainer) are going to introduce lm_sensor-3.0.0 into F-9.

The plan is to introduce it at the very beginning of the F-9 cycle so that there will be plenty of time to fix all using packages. A compat package for the old version is possible, but not desirable, so we will go for a hard break.

I will be working on an lm_sensors-3.0.0 package based on rc2 + a few small svn fixes the next few days and I'll post koji package URL's here as soon as that is done, so that owners of involved packages have something to test with and prepare there packages for this.

Here is the list of packages that uses lm_sensors on my system:
gkrellm *
ksensors **
gnome-sensors-applet **

*  Patch to convert to new API is ready (written by me)
** I will take care of these as they are mine

As for those not taken care of, I'm always willing to help, please let me know if you encounter any problems adjusting your packages to the new API.



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